May 24, 2024

Director, Tax Consultant: Michael Cameron’s Career Story

This series features the professional journeys of a wide range of professionals across Canada’s real estate development industry. Often, these stories highlight how rewarding careers in real estate development are the result of following your interests, fostering personal and professional networks, and keeping an open mind about what a career in real estate development might be.

Meet Michael Cameron, Director, Tax Consultant – Altus.

Tell us about your education background:

I went to the University of Guelph and graduated in ’09 with a B.COMM and major in Real Estate and Housing Management. At the time it was just 1 of 2 universities in Canada that offered undergraduate real estate studies. The economy was not great when I graduated due to the ‘07/’08 financial crisis so I moved out West with some buddies after graduation. That led to a contract position at BC Assessment where I thought I might want to become an appraiser.  

Seems you knew your career path, which isn’t common in this industry. How did you education help?

In 2011 I was eager to get into the private sector and I was excited for an opportunity at Altus Group in Calgary as a property tax analyst. They hired another Guelph RE grad and have since hired 2 more. My education background helped give me the toolbox to jump right into the role and be successful compared to other business graduates.  

What do you do at Altus?

I have been with Altus for 12 years managing tax appeals for a wide variety of clients from small business owners to large pension funds. Our work helps our clients, and their tenants reduce their operating costs by ensuring they are paying only their fair share of property taxes. When I look to hire new analysts, someone with a similar education background as me is a huge asset.

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