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Canada’s leading industry-led certificate in real estate development launches in 2023. New industry members access a flexible learning experience that provides a comprehensive introduction to development processes in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate in Canada. Direct your learning at your own pace, from anywhere, with the confidence that course materials are developed by active real estate leaders from across the country.

The certificate is structured to provide a foundational understanding of five core subject areas and two elective subject areas. Learners select from a variety of elective courses based on their area of practice and interests. 

Upon completing these seven courses, learners integrate foundational concepts from each course into a final applied development project in the capstone course.

Successful completion of these 8 courses, participants achieve a Real Estate Development Professional Certificate (REDP).

Program Features


Learn from industry leaders with extensive expertise across the development processes for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


Benefit from exposure to active development projects, applied group assignments, case studies, and industry guest speakers from across Canada.


Build a network and learn alongside a peer group of professionals and leaders with similar goals and interests.

Core Courses
Required Electives
Capstone project



Gain understanding of fundamental competencies across several disciplines including law, finance, marketing, risk mitigation, and project management.

Describe key terminology, concepts, and processes unique to various subfields of real estate development.

Integrate your learning from each course by finishing the certificate with a unique capstone course. Showcase your learning by drawing on lessons from each course that contribute to a final “go to market strategy” unique to a development site you choose. Receive expert feedback, just as you would from a senior leader in a working environment.


Build your portfolio of industry experience to demonstrate your skills and competencies to future employers and colleagues.

Receive robust, practical feedback on your final project through a capstone course that integrates learning across the program.


Learn at your pace, from any location. Build strong foundational knowledge and apply your learning through each module as you progress through the development process.

Choose your own path—take all required courses or curate a short-learning journey that meets your unique needs, whether new to the industry or seeking to expand your scope of knowledge in a particular specialization.

Course Features

Interactive Lessons

Each lesson includes videos, learning activities, and content that builds upon the previous lesson.

Submit questions and receive support from a course instructor who’s an expert in their field of practice.

Portfolio Product to Showcase Skills

Each lesson within a course contributes to a unique learning artifact to display in your professional portfolio.

Learners leave each course with tangible examples of the competencies and skills attained throughout the course.

Synchronous Session

Every course offering includes at least one live virtual discussion hosted by the course instructor with guest speakers from across the country.

Dive deeper on course topics, learn about real-world projects, and discuss relevant trends that affect industry leaders.


Two to four quizzes are strategically used throughout each course so learners can reinforce key concepts and self-assess their progress.

Each course has a slightly different approach to reflect unique areas of practice. Apply the skills from each course lesson to evaluate or produce a sample portfolio project.

REDP Learner Journey

Design your learning with REDP. Choose to take one course or pursue the full certificate, complete with a capstone project that integrates and showcases your learning across the program.

You’ll work through each course at your own pace, across 4 weeks. Take the courses in any order–and enrol in as many as you’d like at one time.

Quarter 1 (3 months)

2 core courses
1 elective course

Quarter 2 (3 months)

3 core courses

Quarter 3 (3 months)

1 elective
1 capstone course

Learners must complete 5 core courses, 2 electives, and 1 capstone course to achieve the Real Estate Development Professional Certificate. However, you may find you prefer to take just the courses that interest you as you start your real estate development journey.

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Course Offering Overview

Launching Spring 2023

  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Finance
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Planning
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Management
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Marketing

Launching Fall 2023

  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Law
  • Fundamentals of Place-making (Mixed-Use Development)
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Sales Strategies
  • Fundamentals of Private Equity for Real Estate Development
  • Fundamentals of Proptech

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