January 23, 2024

Expand Your Knowledge and Professional Network

Building a robust professional network is the cornerstone of success in any career. For folks in Canada’s dynamic real estate development sector, a strong professional network is absolutely indispensable. Expand your industry knowledge and network through the Real Estate Development Leadership (REDL) certificate program. Each high-impact course incorporates idea exchange, networking, face-time with Canada’s leading real estate development practitioners, and experiential learning through small-group projects and site visits.

REDL: Your Gateway to a Flourishing Network

  1. Learn from Industry Titans: The REDL certificate program is unique from any other professional development program in Canada because our REDI National Faculty Members are seasoned industry practitioners with extensive real estate development experience. Immerse yourself in a learning environment where you gain valuable insights and can forge meaningful connections with like-minded peers and accomplished development leaders.
  2. Collaborate on Projects: Embrace the group project work that is central to the REDL curriculum. While you work side-by-side with fellow participants to apply your learning to real-world case studies and scenarios, you’ll expand your network, share perspectives from each of your unique professional backgrounds, and practice the soft skills that are most in-demand among leaders in the real estate development industry.
  3. Connect Online: REDL participants gain exclusive access to REDI Canada’s LinkedIn groups to share industry insights, local events, and employment and professional growth opportunities among peers.
  4. Stay in the Loop: Upon successful completion of the REDL certificate program, join the esteemed REDL alumni and Haskayne Executive Education networks. Tap into a vibrant community of professionals spanning various years of study. This invaluable network not only facilitates continuous learning but also opens doors to job opportunities across the country.

REDL: Your Next Step to a Rewarding Career

Capitalize on these opportunities to seamlessly expand your professional connections, gain indispensable insights, and stay at the forefront of real estate development trends. Networking isn’t just a perk of the REDL program – it’s a powerful catalyst for success in Canada’s in-demand real estate industry.