June 20, 2024

Property Accountant: Lavinia Taschner’s Career Story

This series features the professional journeys of a wide range of professionals across Canada’s real estate development industry. Often, these stories highlight how rewarding careers in real estate development are the result of following your interests, fostering personal and professional networks, and keeping an open mind about what a career in real estate development might be.

Meet Lavinia Taschner, Property Accountant, JLL.

How has education or professional development elevated your career?

I completed a post-university diploma in Romania, in financial management and Accounting, that gave me the opportunity when moved to Canada to catch up on a couple of CGA classes and finalize my level 4. Unfortunately, I quit CGA because they transitioned to CPA too fast for me, and I was just having a baby. Several years ago, when I started at Manulife Real Estate, they gave me the opportunity to start the Financial Proficiency in Property Management through BOMI.  

How did your interest in Real Estate begin?

In Romania, I worked as an accountant for approximately 3 years. When I moved to Canada from Romania I worked as a multi-tasking office administrator for an Engineering Company, then in Accounts Payable. I knew I wanted more and applied to Manulife Real Estate which, in the beginning, was more like a Property Administrator role.  

Tell us about your current role:

My role now includes accounts payable, quarterly reporting, budget creation & providing solutions to my colleagues for financial questions. In early 2023, after 12 years, my role at Manulife was outsourced to JLL. I am proud to say I have worked hard & my peers believe in me, I am grateful for the opportunities they gave me to keep growing and taking on more responsibility as a Property Accountant.

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