January 6, 2023

REDI Canada Student Staff Interview: Aaisha Mir

Aaisha is a second-year Accounting Student at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. Aaisha recently completed her co-op work term as programs assistant with REDI Canada. Read about her experience entering the real estate development industry and supporting educational programs for new and senior professionals.

Describe an average day in your life as REDI’s Academic Programs Assistant.

My average day included marketing, communications, and academic course-related tasks. As an accounting major, I strengthened my existing data analysis skills and was challenged to think creatively when I took on marketing and communications activities.

What did you learn about the real estate development industry?

I learned new things everyday. For example, I learned about the inner workings of the real estate development industry and about a wide range of career paths in marketing, city planning, and associate licensing for condo and property management.

I got to know some of REDI’s adjunct instructors and industry partners. I appreciated hearing about their different professional roles and personal experiences in real estate development. It was energizing to hear REDI’s Directors, John Fisher and Jason Hardy, reflect on the importance of preparing learners to become leaders in the real estate industry in the coming years!

REDI Canada has several organizational values. Which one resonated with you the most?

REDI’s value of excellence resonated with me the most. I had space to brainstorm and innovate ideas about finding efficiencies in my day to day activities. I was regularly challenged to make the most out of every day and put my best effort into all my work. It’s also been rewarding to see how my work with REDI will contribute to high quality programs for other students.

As a Haskayne student yourself, what did you learn about being on the other side of the desk, supporting courses instead of attending them?

I came to appreciate the opportunities for students to connect with industry groups. For example, this Fall, I had the opportunity to attend the Real Estate Industry Career Symposium through Haskayne’s Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies.

Organizations and associations from various real estate sectors attended this event. The purpose was to educate Haskayne students about different careers in the real estate industry. The attendees were engaged and asked lots of questions. I got to talk about how REDI’s programs and courses might be a good fit for their goals, like enhancing specific skills or fine-tuning their real estate development knowledge. I definitely encourage any students interested in real estate to attend the symposium next year!

We wish Aaisha all the best in the New Year!

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