January 26, 2024

Sales Strategies & Management – Meet Your Instructor, Sano Stante

This series introduces you to REDI’s adjunct instructors who teach Real Estate Development Leadership (REDL) courses delivered at the Haskayne School of Business. Sano Stante is the founder of Sano Stante Real Estate and jointly responsible for opening the first ReaL Broker in Canada. Sano instructs Sales Strategies & Management in Real Estate Development (March 18 and 19, 2024).

Sano Stante | Adjunct Instructor REDI Canada

An interview between REDI Canada & Sano Stante.

[REDI Canada] How did you get into real estate?

SS: I worked in design, engineering, and construction for many years. The projects ranged vastly from innovative solar homes to high-rises, bridges, and hospitals. I understood real estate literally from the ground up, so it was a natural evolution to venture into the sales and marketing side. The transition from construction to sales happened while working on the landmark McDougal Centre.  One day while on the build site, I had the notion to walk across the street into the Calgary real estate board office to inquire about a licence.  When the job was completed at McDougal Centre, I took the licensing course and began my career in sales and marketing.

[REDI] What attracted you to the opportunity to instruct with REDI Canada + the Haskayne School of Business?

SS: After 38 years of sales, marketing, development, finance, and leadership roles, I felt drawn to a transition towards mentorship guiding professionals in the field.

[REDI] Why is knowledge of sales strategies important for someone seeking to grow their career or secure a promotion in real estate development?

SS: The phrase “Nothing happens until someone sells something” may seem cliché, but it is a fact. We can have the best product, location, or design, but if it doesn’t sell, the project cannot succeed.  Developing both hard and soft sales skills is crucial to ensuring the success of any project and an essential foundation for anyone to succeed within the real estate ecosystem.

[REDI] What types of misconceptions, if any, do people have about the real estate sales process? Is it different between residential and commercial?

SS: Real estate sales are more relational than transactional.  This course is as much about human relations and psychology as it is about sales strategies. Agents benefit from understanding basic sales techniques, objection handling, closing, and client management to succeed in the field.  However, having soft skills is critical, as very often real estate transactions are triggered by major life events such as death, divorce, marriage, new company launches, company closures, etc.

[REDI] What can learners expect from their (in-person) course with you?

SS: Real-life experiential antidotes, proven systems that will save valuable time, and lessons to secure sales that provide an edge over the competition. Most importantly, learn how to have a rewarding and enjoyable career in real estate.

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