September 9, 2022

The Best in Class Experience

Since 2004, REDI has educated thousands of learners through the in-person Real Estate Development Leadership certificate in partnership with the University of Calgary. Over the years, this certificate has showcased industry projects and leaders across a range of real estate specialties in response to emerging industry demands and trends.

Learners can count on:

1.  Networking: expand your real estate network as you learn with and from peers, expert instructors, and guest lecturers.

2. Canadian content: gain exposure to the realities and nuances of real estate development in local and national contexts.

3. Active leaders & projects: learn from industry leaders who actively work on development projects across a range of Canadian real estate markets. No outdated textbooks here!

4. Guest lecturers: multiply your exposure to industry perspectives through a series of guest speakers throughout your course time.

5. Downtown convenience: spend your instructional days in the heart of Calgary, at the UCalgary Downtown Campus, a unique intellectual and corporate hub; easily connect to public transit or walkable amenities throughout your course time.

The Fall 2022/Winter 2023 academic year also brings exciting changes to the REDL course structure that further enhance learners’ interactive, practical course experiences.

What’s new about the REDL course format?

1. Digital materials: refresh your knowledge of foundational concepts and terminology before you enter the classroom; you’ll be prepared to make the most of in-class time.

2. Two Instructional days: get more time in the classroom and spend less time and money commuting; you’ll participate in two immersive instructional days at UCalgary’s downtown campus, complete with refreshments and a catered lunch each day.

3. Virtual Capstone presentation: present an applied project at the end of each course that models current industry processes and expectations.

4. Site tour: observe a development project first-hand, ask questions, and gain an understanding of how classroom concepts apply in practice.

5. Visiting faculty: gain perspective from local and visiting faculty from across Canada with experiences that reflect a diverse range of development projects.

6. Robust feedback: course assessment has shifted to pass/fail to prioritize collaborative problem-solving, real world case study discussions, and expert feedback. This shift better reflects the feedback cycles in real estate business.

7. Certificate progression: balance busy schedules with high-impact, condensed courses; learners can complete the full certificate within 18 months, taking 2-3 courses per term.

Check out the next REDL courses offered this fall at Haskayne School of Business. We look forward to supporting your career and leadership growth in real estate development.