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Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role at every stage of the development process.

Gain a tested marketing strategy framework to leverage for your next real estate development endeavour. Conduct market research and analysis to gain valuable insights that inform your decisions on product mix, pricing, market segmentation, and competitive differentiation.​ 

Online, Across Canada

We have the blueprint for your career in real estate development.

Invest in yourself now to obtain the skills you need to successfully market your projects in the future.

About The Course

Fundamentals of Real Estate Marketing


Course Delivery:
Online, Self-Paced

Core course in Real Estate Development Professional certificate

Passing Grade:
70% on each graded assessment

This course delves into the pivotal role that marketing plays in real estate development. Led by industry experts, you’ll explore a range of marketing topics crucial to each stage of the development process. From conducting thorough market research to developing unique market identifiers, you’ll learn how to leverage a strategic marketing approach to elevate your projects.

Led by an industry expert, Emma MacKenzieyou’ll explore the art of crafting compelling marketing messages and honing your brand positioning. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the ever-evolving marketing industry and learn to navigate its intricacies with confidence.

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Course Details


  • 7 interactive lessons that provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights.
  • Engaging instructor videos that bring concepts to life and provide expert guidance.
  • Independent project work to apply your learnings and enhance your skills.
  • Downloadable Marketing Strategy Framework to assist you in developing effective marketing plans.
  • Access to our exclusive LinkedIn Networking Group, connecting you with like-minded professionals.

Graded Assessments 

  • 3 multiple-choice progression quizzes to track your progress throughout the course.
  • 1 multiple-choice final assessment to test your mastery of the course material.

By completion of this course, successful learners will be able to:  

  1. Identify various types of real estate assets suitable for development and understand the municipal approval process required to commence development.
  2. Analyze and mitigate project-specific and macroeconomic risk factors impacting the viability of your project.

  3. Compare and evaluate different equity capital structures used to finance real estate projects and their influence on securing project debt.

  4. Develop a comprehensive project pro forma and cost estimate utilizing discounted cash flow analysis, IRR modeling, and time value of money assumptions.

  5. Grasp the basic features of mortgage agreements, including first and second charges, and comprehend the legal framework supporting private financing transactions.

  6. Assess the viability of potential real estate projects, determining their potential to secure project financing.

  7. Create a pre-financing report using REDI’s framework for a case-study development or an alternative project of your choice.

Emma MacKenzie 


Emma MacKenzie is Director, Creative & Strategy at Chatterson, a Calgary-based marketing agency with a specialization in Real Estate. Emma has spent the last 13 years planning and executing strategic marketing for a multitude of real estate development clients across Canada. Emma specializes in strategy development, project visioning, creative execution and the important connections between storytelling, target market motivations and marketing success.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Take one course, take several, in any order. We’ve designed the courses to meet the needs of a range of learners. You can customize your learning based on your professional goals.   

Not sure what you need? Contact us. We’re here to help. 

The average participant can complete the certificate in approximately one year. You must complete:  

Five Core Courses

  • Real Estate Development and Finance I 
  • Real Estate Development and the Planning Process 
  • Real Estate Marketing 
  • Real Estate Law 
  • Real Estate Development Management 


Two Elective Courses

  • Real Estate Development and Finance II 
  • Commercial Real Estate Development 
  • Mixed Use Real Estate Development 
  • Sales Management & Strategies  


Organizations or groups may be eligible for a group discount. Contact REDI’s Manager, Industry Relations for more information: 

No. The online Real Estate Development Professional (REDP) certificate is perfect for aspiring or new real estate development professionals across Canada. It builds foundational knowledge, skills, and frameworks that participants can take with them as they establish a career in real estate development. 

The in-person Real Estate Development Leadership (REDL) certificate is better-suited for individuals in Western Canada with some exposure to the real estate development industry. While the competencies and topics addressed in both programs are similar, REDL is an experiential program that includes peer learning, case studies, guest speakers, and site tours. 

Not sure which certificate meets your needs? Contact us:

You can start with any course. We recommend that certificate participants start with the core courses; this helps inform your learning for the elective courses. 

Each course is self-paced. You can study anytime, from anywhere with internet access! 

Based on current feedback and learner data, the average course time investment ranges from 5 to 10 hours depending on the learner’s current professional experience and subject matter knowledge.

  • Expert industry insights from REDI Canada’s national faculty.  
  • Current real-world projects, case studies, and lessons learned.  
  • Independent project work to showcase your skills and knowledge to prospective partners/employers.   
  • Access to downloadable frameworks to take with you.  

Each course includes several progress quizzes and a final assessment. Participants must achieve 70% on each to successfully pass the course. 

Yes, of course! Our team is available to answer your questions throughout the course.  



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REDI Canada works with active industry professionals to develop and facilitate courses that meet industry and learner needs. Our instructors have expertise across a variety of industry areas and professional experience working across Canada.

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