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The Fundamentals of Real Estate

$799 CAD

Through REDI Canada + Haskayne School of Business, build a strong foundation of knowledge about the real estate industry in Alberta. Develop the skills and competencies to succeed in your first licensing exam on your journey to become a real estate associate in the specialized areas of property management, commercial real estate, residential real estate or rural real estate.

This course is designed for individuals starting their journey to obtain a license to practice in real estate, and is mandatory.

Complete this course and achieve a minimum of 70% on the licensing exam to proceed to the next step.

Online, Self Paced

70 - 120 Hours

Comprehensive Content + Exam Prep

Must write RECA licensing exam within 3 months of completing course

Course Details

Fundamentals of Real Estate is your first step to prepare for RECA’s Fundamentals of Real Estate licensing exam. Offered in collaboration between REDI Canada + Haskayne School of Business, this course will solidify your understanding of the history of real estate and the competencies and skills required of real estate associates in Alberta. Learn through flexible, self-paced units that integrate comprehensive written content with real-life case studies based on the RECA-defined learning outcomes and real estate competencies. 

Each unit incorporates interactive knowledge checks to test your retention and understanding of key concepts relevant to the Fundamentals of Real Estate licensing exam. These culminate in self-assessment practice quizzes every unit that simulate RECA exam-style questions. Learners must pass these practice quizzes to complete the course and demonstrate thorough review of the provided learning materials.

After completing this course, learners have 3 months to attempt the RECA exam. After passing the RECA Fundamentals of Real Estate licensing exam, learners select an area of practice and proceed with the corresponding course in commercial, property management, residential or rural real estate, to further apply what you learned in the fundamentals level. 

  • Course delivery: online, self-paced 
  • Course length: 70 hours 
  • Certification: Joint certificate of course completion from REDI Canada + Haskayne School of Business 
  • Validity: 3 months to write RECA’s pre-licensing exam upon completing this course 
  • Accreditation: officially recognized by RECA as an approved course  
  • Exam: administered by RECA. See RECA’s Exam Guide to learn more. 
  • Exam Length: 3 hours 
  • Exam attempts: 2 
  • Passing Grade: 70% 

Additional benefits of the REDI Canada and Haskayne School of Business learning experience: 

  • Comprehensive course materials, reviewed and designed by local real estate experts and adult learning practitioners  
  • Learning objectives that meet competencies required by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) and connect to the real world experiences of REDI’s real estate experts 
  • Access to digital materials, for up to one year as your start your career.  
  • Access to free exam prep materials: hundreds of practice questions and unlimited attempts at practice exams. 
  • Learning support from active industry experts “course patrons” is just an email away. 
  • Entrance into the REDI Canada + Haskayne School of Business alumni community including network, exclusive industry events, and employment opportunities. 
  • Introduction to a variety of exclusive industry and academic engagement events through the Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies. 
  • A course completion certificate from one of the top business schools in Canada.  
REDI Canada and Haskayne School of Business work closely with several industry organizations and experts to connect learners with active industry licensees and experts when content questions arise. Learners have ongoing access to experts who can answer questions, explain concepts, or identify additional tips for implementing learning in your real estate practice.

Partner organization experts include:
  • BOMA Calgary 
  • NAIOP Calgary 


REDI Canada collaborates with leaders across adult education and real estate development to achieve a learning experience that reflects industry demands, diversity, and innovation.

REDI Canada works with institutions, associations, and experts who exemplify excellence. For instance, REDI Canada’s long-standing collaboration with the University of Calgary has attracted and educated thousands of learners and organizations from across Canada.




Since 2004, REDI Canada has educated thousands of learners from across Canada. REDI Canada is invested in learner success and celebrates graduates and current learners who have chosen REDI to support their professional growth.
"I liked that the material was presented in different ways to keep me interested throughout the entirety of the course using relevant text, cue cards, imagery, graphics, and informational sections."
Charissa S.
Participant of Fundamentals of Condominium Management
SUITE 1210, 150 – 9TH AVENUE SW